A's Tickets for Games 1 & 2 Sell!

The first two sets of A's tickets for the playoff games have been purchased. Now lets all pull for the A's to make it to the League Championship! Good pitching, good defense and putting runs on the board. This is what the A's have done all year, lets keep it going.

A's Tickets for Game 1 go on auction at Ebay.

The first 4 playoff tickets for the Oakland A's game one has been listed on Ebay. Here is the link. The picture is from the section and row where your seats will be.

A's Ticket Raffle Must Close.

Some changes have occurred outside our control. This is the official word. The State of California requires a special form to be filled out and sent to the Secretary of State two months before a non profit can begin selling on line raffle tickets. Because of the short fuse on the tickets and not even knowing if the A's were in for sure we did not make the timeline criteria. Therefore, we have to shut down the raffle.

So, tickets that have been purchased will be refunded. We will be selling the tickets individually and or in groups by the game. We will be posting them on the web site very soon. Anyone who purchases tickets will have them delivered to them if they are in the Redding area or sent to them over night at least two days before the game is played.

I apologize. The proceeds will go towards the operation of the Colt 45s and the ongoing renovation of Tiger Field and South City Park.

A's Clinch the West!!

A's fans, now there is no doubt about the playoff tickets. The only question is, will YOU win? Will you WIN four tickets to every home game thru the World Series. Imagine you and three friends watching the A's win another World Championship. Go to www.ReddingColt45s.com and purchase your raffle tickets. The A's are guaranteed to open their Division Championship Series on October 4th at the Coliseum. Your tickets will be overnighted to you on October 2nd. Good Luck on the raffle and to the A's in their quest for another World Championship.

2017 Season Commercial

2017 Redding Colt 45s TV Commercial