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Colt 45s ready for a record breaking summer

 Whether you want to call it a homer, a blast, a moon-shot or a home run, there is no debate about the fact the 2015 Boys of Summer set an all time record of 51 home runs last season. At this time, your Redding Colt 45s have put together a roster that has a combined 34 home runs for the collegiate season. Ready to watch that ball soar to the Safeway parking lot?! We are! Teammates from Harris Stowe State University, Andres Alburjas and Jonathan Alvares, have 16 home runs, 28 doubles and 98 RBIs combined. Following in the footsteps of last season’s power hitting Oklahoma Baptist Bison, Ryan Joyce, Colt 45s have signed Hunter Heath who has 7 home runs and over 30 RBIs this season. Keeping the lineup hot, Ryan Williams from Cal Baptist University has 6 home runs. With these kinds of stats, it looks like we had better order up a few dozen more baseballs just in case!
Stay tuned for more previews of the upcoming summer and check out the most up-to-date roster here…only 31 days until opening day!
Hunter Heath 6-2/200 L/OF     Ryan Williams 6-2/180 R/OF

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