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Efforts to Secure South City Park Underway

Former Redding Mayor and current Colt 45s General Manager, Rick Bosetti, has been talking about plans he would like to see put into place to revamp the city’s South City Park for some time, and last week his proposal was accepted. The Redding City Council voted 5-0 in favor of having the Colt 45s, a local summer collegiate baseball team that plays in the adjacent Tiger Field, take over responsibility for providing the security needed to make the park safe for all visitors.

In recent years, South City Park has become plagued with vandalism and other troubles, making it difficult for residents to enjoy spending any kind of time there and even question whether or not it’s too dangerous to venture out to Colt 45s games. The goal of this new partnership between the non-profit organization and the city is to resolve these issues and provide enough security through measures such as patrol, gates, increased lighting and camera surveillance to deter criminal activity so that people can gain a renewed perspective on visiting the park.

It will be a joint community effort to maintain and secure the area, not only between the Colt 45s and the city, but also with donations from community members who want to help take back South City Park and turn it into a family environment that’s free of disturbances.

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