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What is a break? Summer means baseball. And lots of it. We grow accustomed to spending our weekends and occasional weekends down at yard with a hot dog and an ice cold drink. But then all of the sudden a two week break comes along. Luckily, it is just a break and we still have seven chances to watch the Boys of Summer take the field. With 40 homes games it is hard to imagine that there are only seven left, but this means you have to make them all count. At this point in the season, the Colt 45s are 25-11 having won seven of the last ten.

Next week, the boys will travel to Arcata to face the Humboldt Crabs for a two game series but in the mean time they have been keeping quite occupied. Some traveled to Oakland for an A’s game, some went home to spend time with family back in Idaho, some went to the beach, the state capitol, San Francisco, or are currently exploring Northern California. What have you all been doing on this break—we’d love to hear!

You can listen live to the Humboldt series here and make sure to check out the schedule here so don’t miss the action! See you back at Tiger Field on July 29th for the start of a three game series against the San Francisco Seals. Go 45s!

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