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National Anthem Singer Alyssa Duval (above)



Austin Lively slides into third as Solano third baseman Kyle Paguio gets ready to apply late tag in 9-run Colts first inning.


Colt 45s Devin Orr snags a pop up


Colt 45s Isaiah Terry grabs a pop fly for an out


Wilson Kessel admires 2nd inning HR after it left his bat


Matt pitching


Colt 45s Shane Kotz scores on wild pitch in third


Colt 45s Shane Kotz puts on the brakes after rounding 3rd


Colt 45s Caderet & staff


Colt 45s Pitcher Jarrett Kirby


Colt 45s Pitcher Cody Coggins



Colt 45s Spin


Madi at work


Matt Green pitching


Matt Green pitching


Colt 45s shortstop Curtis Perrin throws out a runner in the second


National Anthem singer Lilly Escobar


Ball bounces up after Shane Kotz beat a foul ball into the dirt

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